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"Click The Lotus Below~!"'

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Minh Lieu

Name ➤ Minh Lieu
Nation➤ Vietnam
Gender ➤ Female
Age ➤ 21
Birthday ➤ September 2 ♍
Sexual Orientation ➤ Pansexual
Hair ➤ Brown-Black
Eyes ➤ Golden Brown
Height ➤ 5'7
Personality ➤ Accepting, family oriented,
protective, sweet, strong willed, reserved,
passionate, caring and prideful.


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BodiesHitTheFLOOR Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Student General Artist
AskNKorea Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013
/Waves Awkwardly

Hey, Minh...

/Clears Throat

Long time no see, since then...

I hope you have been well.

/Dips head in Respect
HoaSenSong Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013
Minh's eyes danced over to her brother and she smiles sweetly at him. "Brother~ Welcome, how have you been?" She asks curiously with a small smile on her face.
AskNKorea Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013
/How can she be so happy, he wonders.
Ah, I suppose you could see for yourself. Have you watched the news lately?
/He shakes his head
Need I say more? 
I am glad that at least you are better of then myself.
It has been hard, though what else can I really say?
HoaSenSong Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013
((What's going on in the news D: ))

Minh tilts her head to the right "I am afraid I have not had much time to watch the news lately. Is there something going on?" She asks confused not sure what he meant, she rubs the back of her neck.
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Long-de-Jingshen Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013
"Golden Dragon Restaurant", managers office in the back.

In the back of the bustling Chinese restaurant, past the kitchen's and faculty was a young Asian man in his twenties, sitting behind a small oak desk in a dark office. 

Lie Wang was sitting in his office, golden gaze focused on the photographs on his desk. The were pictures of a young woman, a detective who had been following him for sometime and trying to expose his identity. Well, Lie had too much to lose right now, and his boss would not be happy if his crime ring was caught. He glanced at the front door, and towards a photograph in a small frame on his desk of a small chil and him smiling. No, he'd she didn't know it was him. He sighed, and left the office, putting on a smiling face as he went to walk the room and be the manager. as long as I keep this act up, no one will know its me. He thought...

(( Annnnnd here is a starter for Detective! Vietnam~ :3...sorry if it sucks ^^; , also the young child is his son from this account ---> ~TheFour-Corners Student! Dmitri ^^;  )) 
HoaSenSong Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013
((Ahahaha~!!! Dmitri is the name I use for my RoChu Love Child and the daughter is normally Anya~ XD That just made my day~ Also my eyes Golden Dragon, my mind instantly goes to the Rochu story the Tiger and the dragon~ :P It was a good starter~))

Sitting in the restaurant was no other than that detective, yet she wasn't in her uniform she was wearing a black Ai Dao with crimson lotus flowers decorating, her crimson pants glisten slightly as she crosses her legs. It was a rare sight to see Mai-linh out of uniform but more importantly to see her in a social setting, she seems agitated and mutters something to herself as she sets her glance down on the table. She pulls out a pocket watch and closes those piercing amber eyes, she sighs through her nose. I should have known. Lying bastard! Why do I give you so many chances? No more, this was the finally straw. She thinks to herself, she shakes her head back, those long ebony locks bouncing as she did so. She leans back into the booth and rubs the bridge of her nose, what should she do? She didn't just want to get up and leave. She takes a sip of her wine allowing her gaze to sweep around the room, her eyes fall on Lie and she blinks for a moment.
Long-de-Jingshen Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013
(( Really!!? That's the name I use for my RoChu love children too! That and Anastasia for a girl ^^, mostly because I like the name ^3^. PKIHGYfvgtf! I'm reading that story! And I have a bio in the makings for an AU Tiger and Dragon China on this account as well! :P Also, since Crimetalia! China  is a single dad err, would you want to try the ChuViet? Or China x Vietnam XP ...I think these two would make an interesting pair ^^))

Lei went about the room, making sure everything was going accordingly. He ran his establishment accordingly, and made sure all his employees kept on their toes and did their job. He glanced about, making sure no one from his bosses' other...employee's were here. The last thing he needed at the moment was that damn Mongolian's stupid lackey's coming around here. he looked around until his eyes settled on the woman, the detective he recognized from the photos and the one who was trying to find him...Hmm...why is she here? Business?, her clothing is too Why does she look annoyed about it though? Curious, he walked up to the woman and offered his professional smile. "Good evening miss, have you been served? If not I shall take your order." He said politely, trying to see if he could read her.

HoaSenSong Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013
((XD OMG~!!!! That's grand~! Well, I do have a Russia account too if you're ever craving some RoChu~! :D Wow! You're reading the story~? I love that story XD So much in common OnO *bites lip* ChuViet~ X3 Sure we can give that  a shot it will be interesting~ Pfft, reading I see Mongolian, me: Muunokhoi ewe
Admin: <----- normally plays Mongolia and General Winter v.v ))

Mai-Linh's golden orbs twist to take in Lei a small yet fake smile creases to her lips, as she raises a hand to him. "I have placed my order, thank you though." She replies simply, her entire posture screamed that she was on edge and annoyed. She sighs once more and averts her gaze "I could be working on my case :/" She mutters to herself folding her arms over her chest. She glances back at Lei with a frown "I guess that reservation I made for two earlier was in fact just for one, so if you need a booth you can just ask me to move to a table...." She adds simply, she then glances to her near empty wine. "May I have another glass? It's gonna be a long night...."
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Spain-ESP-EU Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
((Thanks for the watch *hands churro*))
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